Sibambene Coal is a 51% black empowered South African company solely focused on investing in coal mining in South Africa.

  • Sibambene seeks to broaden empowerment beyond established empowerment players by facilitating the entrance of new, emerging black empowered industrialists into the South African mining sector.

  • Sibambene has created 12 companies that are owned mainly by black women and young people, including four community owned entities, with around 120 beneficiaries in total.

  • Sibambene aims to be able to offer Eskom coal at reduced prices by supplying the utility coal, at below the current average cost per ton.

  • Sibambene firmly believes that Eskom deserves to receive coal according to specification at low prices, which is in the country’s national interest.

  • Sibambene believes that supplying Eskom quality coal at a low price is a national duty for coal suppliers, as it will support government’s effort to stimulate the economy and create jobs to tackle unemployment and inequality in South Africa.