Sibambene Business Philosophy

One of South Africa’s key national priorities is inclusive economic growth – a goal Sibambene seek to put into practice in all its business activities. The moral force of inclusive growth lies in the objective to do away with past economic divisions and to build an inclusive, competitive economy. This means economic players and beneficiaries must be truly representative of our ideal non-racial and non-sexist South Africa.

It was with this in mind that Sibambene was established. Sibambene has adopted inclusive growth as a business philosophy to guide us in seeking opportunities in a way that broadens empowerment. True to its name, Sibambene seeks to demonstrate that togetherness in commercial activities and sharing of rewards is strength. There can be no better way to illustrate this than in the extraction and processing of the country’s natural resources.

The founding partners of Sibambene embody inclusiveness:

Inkhanyeti Women’s Group

This is a group of 20 professional women who bring together different skills from different career backgrounds. They have never participated in any empowerment deals. Together they are the guiding star that will shine light on value creation and genuine empowerment.

Siyakha Community Empowerment Trust

Wherever Sibambene operates, it will work with communities in partnerships that are sound for business sustainability and social progress. The founders of Sibambene individually and collectively believe in such partnerships. The Trust is a vehicle for this purpose.

Khulisa Employee Trust

Our business values workers beyond the contribution of their labour. When the business grows, so should the workers’ financial fortunes. Working with labour representatives, the Trust will ensure that inclusive growth becomes a reality for workers.

Mirospan Mining

Mirospan Mining is 51% black women owned and 100% black owned industrialist group which is made up of strategic partners with extensive experience in mining, construction and maintenance.